Every facial is completely custom to your skins needs that day, and we are proud to
showcase Image Skincare in our relaxing, custom, results oriented facials. 

The Express Facial $50
30 mins

Perfect for getting that facial glow right before an important event! Dual cleansing, exfoliation,
and an arm and hand massage during your custom mask. Finished with a vitamin- C serum,
moisturizing sun protection, an eye cream and nourishing Lip treatment. 

The Essential Facial $75
45 mins

Dual cleanse, exfoliation, warm steam on a purifying enzyme mask, followed by extractions.
A cool, calming mask, and eye compress, with an arm and hand massage. An ultra relaxing face,
neck and  shoulder massage, finished with a rose water spritz, vitamin C serum,
moisturizing sun protection, an eye cream and nourishing lip treatment.

The Extravagant Facial $100
60 mins

You can have it all with this head to toe, indulgent, yet results oriented facial. The Essential Facial with the
addition of a refreshing peppermint, foot and calf massage, and a revitalizing scalp massage to top it off!


    High Frequency $25

Let us "zap" those stubborn, painful cystic pimples or ingrown hairs with a pain free, 
non-invasive treatment that kills bacteria and speeds up the skins healing process

Ultra Sonic Exfoliation $50

Better than microdermabrasion, this method uses ultra sonic vibrations
to get a deep down clean unlike any other

    Custom Designer Peel $50